New Commercial Trucks

New Commercial Trucks in San Jose, CA

The purchase of a brand-new commercial vehicle can be a major investment, but it can also be the star performer of your business. A new vehicle can put in years of work, needing little more than just scheduled maintenance like oil changes, and other small investments brought upon by normal wear and tear, even if you buy a commercial truck for heavy-duty use.

Mission Valley Ford has a wide selection of new commercial vehicles for almost any use, available in nearly any body type you could need for your business. New vehicles are especially useful for companies and organizations that operate large fleets. If you buy a fleet of brand-new, identical vehicles, your company will be the talk of your industry, and you'll have years before you have to spend any sort of serious money on repairs or modifications.

Check out the following list to see what kind of new commercial vans and trucks we have in stock:

Commercial vans: Passenger and Cargo Vans

At Mission Valley Ford, our team can connect you with a wide variety of utility vans, transporting passengers and cargo, and more.

Utility trucks, service trucks, and contractor trucks

Various professions use modified trucks to transport the tools of their trade. If you're a plumber, construction contractor, electrician, or other similar professions, you can benefit from coming into Mission Valley Ford and picking out a new truck to meet your needs.

Box trucks and straight trucks

For moving large cargo, nothing beats the utility of a box truck, especially when it's a quality-made Ford. At Mission Valley Ford in San Jose, you'll find recent makes in the E-Series, as well as heavy duty Ford Transit vehicles meeting this description.

Pickup trucks

We can give you access to our huge selection of pickup trucks for anything your business might need-from transportation for an entire crew to hauling materials to and from a job site. At Mission Valley Ford, our selection is unmatched by other truck dealers. Ask about our variety of regular cab, super cab, and crew cab pickups.

Cutaway cube trucks

Cutaway cube trucks are ideal for transporting cargo. They offer the same hauling utility and payload as standard box trucks.

Crane trucks, landscaping trucks and dump trucks

At Mission Valley Ford, you'll also find several trucks designed specifically for those who need their truck for a specific purpose, like hauling material or supporting cranes. Call one of our knowledgeable salespeople for more information about specialized trucks

Rental vehicles

Stop in if you're interested in any of our vast inventory available to rent in San Jose.

For more information, visit soon to see our stock!

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