Compare Ford Trucks and SUVs in San Jose CA

For over 100 years now, Ford has been synonymous with quality. While its competitors have come and gone, Ford has remained a constant fixture on the road for the past century. The reason for Ford's success is simple; Ford simply knows how to build a great vehicle. Ever since the Model T brought automobiles to the masses in 1908, Ford has ruled the road.

Granted, when you're around for 100 years, you're bound to pick up some competition. Multiple brands have popped up over the years, such as GM, Honda, Subaru, Dodge, and more. While many of these brands are quite good in their own right, they all have one thing in common: they're missing the certain something that makes a Ford. At Mission Valley Ford, we know Ford better than anyone around. Our team of auto experts will help you find the right Ford for you, no matter what.


While the Model T helped put Ford on the map, Ford trucks helped them stay there. Drivers everywhere know that if you're looking for a rugged, reliable work truck, one that will work as hard as you do all day long, there's only one choice: Ford. With our selection of Ford work trucks and vans, we have just the thing to help you out. Whether you're looking for a truck to help out your small business, or if you simply need a way to reliably carry your cargo, we know we have just the thing here at Mission Valley Ford. With models such as the Ford Transit, E-350 Cutaway, Explorer, and the famous Ford F-150, we have just the thing for everyone.

If you're looking for a commercial Ford dealer in the San Jose area, you're in the right spot. We have a wide selection of powerful Ford vehicles for whatever job you might have, all available for buying or leasing. What if you only need a work truck for a short project, though? If you only need a truck for a few days, we can help with that too, thanks to our selection of rental Ford trucks. After all, there's no reason to buy a work truck that you only need for a short-term project. No matter what you're looking for, and no matter how long you need it, we've got you covered.

There's no better feeling than driving your brand-new Ford off our lot. However, that's only the first step of Ford ownership. After you drive your new Ford home, we'll help you take care of it. Our team of technicians knows just what your vehicle needs to keep it running smoothly. While it can be difficult to find technicians to take care of your work truck, your search is finally over. In addition to our team of service experts, we also have a wide selection of quality Ford OEM parts. Finding replacement parts for your cooling system, drivetrain, or brakes, can be difficult too; smaller stores often have too small a selection, while big box stores might not have the specialized parts you need. Fortunately, at Mission Valley Ford, we specialize in Ford work trucks, and we have just the parts for you. Not only will we help you find your work truck, we'll help you keep it working too.

At Mission Valley Ford, we're here to help you find the best possible tool for the job. If you're in the Sunnyvale, Fremont, Santa Clara, Cupertino, or Milpitas area, come schedule a test drive today. Just give us a call at (888) 540-1643, or come pay us a visit here in San Jose, CA to set one up in person. Come see for yourself why drivers everywhere choose Ford for their work truck needs.

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